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School Supplies

Below you will find the 2020-2021 school supply lists.  School Start, a school supply company, has worked with us to prepare kits of basic school supplies for each grade.  Ordering supplies through School Start offers a very efficient and convenient means of ensuring your child has quality supplies that will be delivered directly to the school.  For purchasing instructions, please see the letter for parents attached. Should you choose to purchase school supplies without going through School Start, please ensure your child brings all of his/her supplies to school on Tuesday, September 8th.

In efforts to accommodate individual teachers' preferences and to avoid parents purchasing supplies that may not be used, the following lists itemize essential supplies only. These are items that teachers have agreed upon as essential basics for each grade. Within the first weeks of school your child's new teacher may issue a small list of additional materials necessary to satisfy the requirements of that teacher's individual program. These will be items that can easily be purchased locally.